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How a 5-iron and a couple of golf balls stole Aryaman Mohan's heart

Who did you initially want to become when you were a kid?

You see, kids register everything in black or white – either you want to stay in academics or you don’t, either you want to become a writer or you don’t, either you want to take up sports or you don’t. 16-year old Aryaman Mohan knew what his calling was from the very beginning – “It may sound a little funny but at a very early age I decided that I wanted to become a sportsman but I didn’t know which sport I would pursue!”

Aryaman used to play almost every sport he could think of but before he could seriously consider the sport as a profession, he got bored of it. But the golf course was a place he kept coming back to. At age 11, after being persuaded by his father, Aryaman started his golfing journey – “As soon as I hit a couple of shots with my 5-iron I got hooked to the game”.

He recollects how in the year 2014 while watching Rory McIlroy win this third major at The Open, he got goosebumps at the back of his neck. That was when he said to himself – “I will do anything to win the Claret Jug”. He was completely mesmerized by the energy on the course and by watching Mcllroy walk the 18th Fairway while receiving a standing ovation from the crowd.

Once the decision was made, there was no looking back. Aryaman dove into a disciplined regime and has been consistently following it. His daily routine from 4.45am in the morning till 9 o’clock at night consists of nothing apart from the hustle. A combination of practice, exercise, and study is all that he seems to care about. A visionary with a one direction goal, there is no stopping him.

He has golf to thank for his calm and patient personality – “I don’t think I would have been able to achieve calmness and patience if it weren’t for golf”.  What he doesn’t thank golf for are bananas and fruit smoothies which he thinks are the worst!

A bigger expression of gratitude goes to the Tarun Sardesai Golf academy (TSG). He says, “My routine has changed drastically. Earlier it used to be a complete chaos where I didn’t know the right way to focus on both golf and academics. TSG has not only helped me manage both but has also helped me to do well in both’.

Before anyone judges TSG as a place which is all work and no play, Aryaman mentions how he has had many of his most memorable moments there. He says, “My coach is brilliant at imitations. He imitates everybody, including my friends! I enjoy those times a lot.”

Aryaman with his father (right) and Tarun Sardesai (left)

When asked about what he loves and hates about golf coaching, he made a personal revelation – “I become very selfish when it comes to coaching and guidance. When Tarun Sir (Sardesai) shares something that is inspiring or important, I don’t want that information to be shared with anyone else!” He might be as much as a student like everyone else, but he wishes some things were exclusively for him.

In an alternate universe, Aryaman would have probably become a professional horse-rider. He says, “I was into competitive horse riding before and was pretty serious about it. If I wasn’t pursuing golf, I probably would have pursued horse riding”.

He adds, “A day without golf would be much more relaxed – I could concentrate on studies and spend time with family. Everyone in my family is a little spoilt!”

"I wake up at 4.45am and go for a run. After that, I set my daily goals."

A passionate go-getter and a goal-digger, there is so much in store for Aryaman. But that’s because he chose to pursue his childhood dream despite the challenges that came his way. So I ask again, who did you initially want to become when you were a kid?

(About the Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy: TSG is India's first residential golf academy with education. Situated in Kolar, the academy offers an integrated program with golf coaching, academics, club fitting, nutrition, sports science, and sports psychology for its students. The academy is situated in Zion Hills Golf County, a world-class golf training facility.)

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