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How Bharti Mithra shifted base to chase her dream of becoming a professional golfer

What lengths are you willing to go to follow your dreams? What steps are you willing to take so that you can do what you are really passionate about?

10-year old Bharti Mithra was willing to shift base with her entire family to follow her dream of becoming a professional golfer.

You see, for a budding champion, a three-sided or triangular relationship is essential – that between the golfer, the coach, and the parent/parents. If anyone fails in this triangular relationship, the golfer will cease to become a champion. Take, for example, the young golfer is enthusiastic, passionate, and dedicatedly hardworking; the coach is equally dedicated to improving the golfer’s game, but the parent denies the child of the basic fitness and nutrition, mental health, and travel requirements. The impossibility of the child’s growth after a certain limit will be inevitable.

The first time Bharti saw people playing golf in front of her eyes, she became glued to the sight. She started playing golf from the beginning of the year 2016 – “I saw some people playing a game called golf and I thought to myself that I can play better than them!”

Once she started playing, she was completely hooked to the game like a moth to a flame – “I thought it was the most interesting game ever!”

But she wouldn’t have come this far if it weren’t for her parents. They have been the supporting pillars of her tenure as a golfer – “My parent keep on motivating me by telling me success stories of golfing legends, showing me their pictures and videos.”

“We were in Bangalore for 7 years.  Nobody from our family plays golf. Bharti got interested and started playing golf in 2016. After she started taking the sport seriously we decided to support her” – said Jinsy, Bharti’s mother.

Bharti’s parents decided to give her the top golf coaching accessible to them, and what could have been better than the Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy?

“Previously we used to stay at HSR Layout, after which we shifted to KGA (Karnataka Golf Association) where she first started playing golf under Tarun Sardesai. When we saw that she was improving in the game, we decided to shift to Zion Hills”, said Jinsy.

“Bharti was adamant about learning under Tarun Sir. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. After a lot of discussions, we considered shifting to Zion Hills. Since both my husband and I are freelancers, work wasn’t an issue.”

However, shifting base came with its own difficulties “I had a lot of friends from where I used to stay before. I miss them a lot. After I shifted, I didn’t have many friends. Nobody spoke to me much. But thankfully, with time and because of my game and behavior, the members started speaking to me”.

Ever since the family has shifted to Zion Hills, Bharti has shown significant change not only in her game but in her overall personality – “Her entire attitude and approach towards the game, her lifestyle and decision-making power has increased and improved. Her physical fitness has also increased”.

“Golf has made me a fearless and a bold person, and TSG has helped me channel into a systematic lifestyle”, said Bharti.

Bharti reveals how previously she didn’t have enough stamina to run a good distance at a time, how she used to take a break every three rounds. She claimed that TSG has helped her a lot with her fitness – “Here they make me do a lot of exercises in the gym. I feel much stronger now”.

Bharti is assigned different sets of exercises which she has to do every day – “I do stretching exercises to flex my muscles. There are muscle building exercises which I do thrice a week. Except for Sundays, I do freehand exercises every day”.

Besides golf, photography has her heart. Everyone talks about how good a photographer she is!

She said, “Before I used to take photographs in my tablet and they used to come out well. Then my father suggested that I should do photography and gave me his camera”.

“On my free time when I’m not playing golf, I usually take my camera outside and click pictures”, said Bharti.

Being the second youngest in the entire academy, she does receive some special treatment – “Everyone talks to me politely. Sometimes they tease me about my short height, but I tell them that I don’t care!”

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow. We forget that the child is someone today. With the right support, who knows how many Bhartis will rise up to catch the eye! 

(About the Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy: TSG is India's first residential golf academy with education. Situated in Kolar, the academy offers an integrated program with golf coaching, academics, club fitting, nutrition, sports science, and sports psychology for its students. The academy is situated in Zion Hills Golf County, a world-class golf training facility.)
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