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  • Etiquette on the golf course

    Bharat Rajawat - Dec 11, 2018

    Learning golf is not only restricted up to knowing what techniques to score well are or learning how to improve in every department of the game. Yes, definitely you have to be dedicated, disciplined and hardworking to reach the elite level but to be known as a..

  • How to play a practice round

    Tavleen Batra - Dec 09, 2018

    Course management is key to a good practice round. Practice rounds are all about assessing the course and the playing conditions and formulating a game plan accordingly. It’s not the time to focus on your score but to examine the course thoroughly.Learn the ..

  • Keep track of your progress

    Bharat Rajawat - Dec 05, 2018

    It is very important to have a reality check and be aware of your progress. The overall progress is measured by your handicap and scoring average. It always gives you a clear picture about where your game is progressing over time and which areas of the game yo..

  • Determining Ball Position

    Rukmini Mehta - Dec 02, 2018

    An aspect that is overlooked by many golfers is the ball’s position in relation to your stance which is a key factor in determining the result of a shot. There are some basic rules that can benefit your game.When hitting shots with irons such as wedges, plac..

  • The Mental Aspect of Golf

    Rukmini Mehta - Oct 10, 2018

    Many golfers fail to realize this but the mental aspect of the game is as important as the physical one. A solid ball strike starts with a good feeling surrounding the game and a positive mental approach. Negative swing thoughts always tend to hamper your game..

  • Hitting a Golf Ball with mud on it

    Tavleen Batra - Oct 05, 2018

    Many a time we hit a perfect shot but it lands up lying on the fairway with some mud on it. It is not just uncomfortable to the eyes but it also largely affects the upcoming shot in many ways. Understanding why the ball is moving the way it does will help you ..