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Interview with Sanaya Tulsyan

Sanaya Tulsyan, 13 years

Who has inspired you to play golf?

My dad is my only inspiration. He is someone who always wanted her daughter to play golf. 

Since when you have been playing golf?

For the last 6 years.

Who is your role model?

Rory Mcllroy and SSP Chawrasia. 

What makes one a good golfer?

You have to think about your own game. So, concentration is the most essential aspect in golf. Apart from mental stability the other most important aspect is regular practise. 

What is your favourite colour?


Who is your favourite actor?

I don’t watch movies (laughs). 

What is your hobby?

I like to play the piano. I am also a swimmer. Swimming is also my hobby.

Apart from golf which sports you follow?

Swimming and Tennis

What is your future plan?

I want to become a pro golfer.

Thanks Sanaya! Best wishes from Team Golftrade
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  • Neeraj Poddar January 23, 2017

    Lovely interaction Sanaya..... Besr Wishes Always

  • Ashish Samanta January 23, 2017

    Best Of Luck Play Well

  • Radhika January 23, 2017

    Well done Sanaya!

  • Jyoti Gupta January 24, 2017

    All the best Sanaya . Proud of you .

  • Ritu kedia May 22, 2017

    All the best Sanaya... Well done!

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