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Dos and Don'ts during lightning on the golf course

Lightning can be fatal on a golf course. Firstly a golfer should know that he is within his rights to stop play even during a tournament if there is lightning. The rule 6-8 of R&A allows a player to stop play if he feels there is danger from lightning. The key points to look out for if a golfer is stuck on the golf course in a thunderstorm or lightning -

Get inside a structure or building. Small drink huts are not safe. 
Golf carts are actually more dangerous to be in.
Stay away from trees, light poles, flag poles, metal objects.
Do not stand where there is a pool of water.
Do not hold a golf club or an umbrella with a metal tip.
Go to a low point such as a ravine or valley. 
Do not walk under a tree line but if you have to, from the middle of the fairway. 

Remember lightning kills and any sign of thunder and lightning should be taken very seriously. Once lightning stops, a golfer should ideally wait for 30 minutes before resuming play. 

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