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A Bright and Sunny Start of the 985th Protouch Skills Challenge

Sunday morning had a bright and sunny start with juniors assembled at the Putting green to test their skills for the 985th Protouch Skills Challenge at the Tolly Airtel Golf Centre. The competition saw a turnout of more than 20 juniors, all geared up and full of determination, trying their best at getting the perfect putt. Given below is the list of winners:

Category below 5:

Rehaan Singh  – Winner

Category 5 to 8 years:

Manmath Bagri – Winner
– 2nd Runner – Up 

Category 9 to 11 years:

Nuwair Hossain – Winner
Puith– 1st Runner – Up
Aarav Bagaria – 2nd Runner – Up

Category 12 and above:

Siddharth Saraf – Winner
Vasudha Bagri – 1st Runner – Up

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