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  • Three common reasons why club players hit slices

    Hamza Yunus - Jul 09, 2017

    Slice is one of the most common mistakes all club golfers make. The simple but usual reasons they hit slices and can't stop it are below.1. Shoulders aimed left - This type of slicer is probably the most common out there. Seeing their balls start..

  • 3 effective tips to add 15-20 yards to your long clubs

    Hamza Yunus - Jun 22, 2017

    Coil the trail hipForget what you might have heard about restricted hip movement while taking the backswing. All the really big hitters the rotate their trail hip internally so that it is moving towards the target at the top of the backswing. That pre-l..

  • Reverse pivot techniques

    Bharat Rajawat - Feb 22, 2017

    Let us understand the concept of reverse pivot first. The problem of reverse pivot arises when on taking backswing your body weight does not shift on trailing foot and on top of the backswing you find your body weight still lying on front foot as well as upper..

  • Common mistake we make is to tee the ball lower and play it back in your stance

    Hamza Yunus - Jan 26, 2017

    What You Should Actually Do:Hitting into the wind:  You should actually tee the ball up higher if you want to maximize distance. Teeing it higher will allow you to hit up through the ball and hit it higher on the face of the club. This leads to ..

  • Playing the Ball from the Rough

    Hamza Yunus - Dec 28, 2016

    Hitting it lowThis is usually the best and the safest option. First, select a club with a low loft like 5 or 4 iron and a longer club which you will normally use from that distance and grip down about an inch. This will help you lower the ball flight bu..

  • The basics of bunker shot

    Rukmini Mehta - Dec 21, 2016

    A "bunker" is a golf course hazard that is a hole or depression in the ground filled in with sand (or a similar material). Bunkers vary greatly in size and shape and depth. They are most commonly found serving as greenside hazards, but also often show up in fa..