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  • Tips for Playing in Wet Conditions

    Bharat Rajawat - Aug 29, 2018

    It is definitely challenging to play in abnormal or odd weather conditions and in a game like golf where every single shot can change the picture of the game it becomes tougher to tackle these situations. Rains or wet conditions are one of those circumstances ..

  • People are golfing in Hawaii while the Kilauea volcano erupts

    Tanushree Karmakar - May 16, 2018

    15 May 2018, Hawaii: While the earth erupts lethal fumes along with molten lava eating up everything on its way, there are people who preferred to play golf instead of running away. This is the present scene of Hawaii.For all those who are unaware of the news,..

  • Study every green in detail

    Hamza Yunus - Apr 16, 2018

    Putting is the most important aspect of a practice round. It is the time you spend on and around the greens. From tee to green, once on the green, it's time for a little detective work: Where are the fall-off areas? Where is the safe (i.e. flat) part of the gr..

  • Easy transition from chipping to pitching

    Hamza Yunus - Jan 17, 2018

    The transition from chip to pitch can be made in a simple way. Continue the same one-level chipping stroke using your pitching wedge . Since the purpose now is to achieve a higher trajectory, the centerline of the body can now be moved directly over the ball. ..

  • Let your hips take the lead, not your arms

    Hamza Yunus - Jan 12, 2018

    Turn your shoulders as far as you can to the top of the back swing, while maintaining your original address posture. From the top initiate the downswing by turning your belt buckle and hips hard to the left while keeping your back to the target making a full 9..

  • Pre-shot routine is one of the keys to become consistent with your shots.

    Hamza Yunus - Jan 05, 2018

    How often have you birdied or even been able to par a hole after finding trouble off the tee? Hitting the fairway consistently is vital to playing well. However, it's no easy task, especially in a pressure situation such as a tournament. The following are a fe..