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    Improve Your Golf Backswing With Simple Golf Stretches and E..

    Every golfer wants to improve their golf back swing. We know that a bigger back swing in golf results in longer drives and more power. So how does one go about doing this ?? Taking extra lessons or hitting a hundred balls at the driving range isn't the ..

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  • 8 Swing fauts which can be eliminated through golf specific fitness

    Staff Correspondent - Jul 12, 2017

    POSTURE:Proper posture at set up is the first step to a more consistent, powerful swing every time. Poor posture can lead to almost every swing fault, which is why a good setup position is so important. There are 2 main types of poor posture; the first ..

  • Significance of fitness in golf

    Staff Correspondent - Jul 05, 2017

    There are numerous reasons why it is a smart thought to focus on golf exercise and wellness. The era of golf exercise and wellness, and in addition particular molding programs, were introduced by golfers like Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam for the ladies.&nb..

  • A golfer must work on reducing stress to excel

    Sagar Sharma - Jul 01, 2017

    Golf is strenuous game. It requires a lot of tenacity to perform on the course. When a golfer swings, the ball travels at least 250 – 300 yards (3 to 4 times more than a cricket six). The ball is comparatively lighter. The ball has to travel in a fixed direc..

  • Physical Fitness Components in Golf

    Tamasa Ghosh - Jun 20, 2017

    Unlike all other outdoor sports golf does not seem predominantly physical but a golfer needs to attain a certain level of fitness in order to face the daily challenges on the course. Physical fitness can lead to better concentration and mental stamina. The key..

  • Improve your Golf Swing and make your body flexible with these exercises

    Reshma Mukherjee - Apr 04, 2017

    Golf is no longer an old man’s game; it is a game of flexibility and mastering the dexterity. For golf you need strong shoulders and knees. So in order to play golf, you need keep yourself fit and flexible .Nowadays , most casual golfers who experience pain ..

  • Dynamic stretches make great golf warm up exercises

    Reshma Mukherjee - Apr 01, 2017

    If you thought, golfers did not require much of fitness workout, and then you have to think again. Golfers at any level are athletes and the golf swing does require a great deal of athleticism, but if you are not a pro golfer and hitting the course only a few ..