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    Improve Your Golf Backswing With Simple Golf Stretches and E..

    Every golfer wants to improve their golf back swing. We know that a bigger back swing in golf results in longer drives and more power. So how does one go about doing this ?? Taking extra lessons or hitting a hundred balls at the driving range isn't the ..

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  • Chocolate Milk: The New Post Work-Out Recovery.

    Aruna Prasad - Nov 07, 2017

    Will you believe if someone said you can drink chocolate milk post work-out? As shocking as that sounds, chocolate milk is the new recovery food post work-out. Chocolate milk can be the best post workout drink for a growing athlete. It contains the right amoun..


    Anwar Wahhab - Sep 06, 2017

    Most people at this time of the year are sneezing or  down with viral fever and  some of us if you noticed rarely get this ailments inspite of being exposed to the same condition where one gets sick while some of us are just fine. The answer is how p..

  • Eating for a tournament

    Aruna Prasad - Aug 12, 2017

    If you are a competitive athlete, eating differently for a tournament compared to your practise days is of paramount importance. Below are a few reasons why you should plan your nutrition as much as you plan your game for a tournament:• Change in weather whi..

  • Yoga & Golf

    Rajeshree Tupe - Aug 10, 2017

    Golfers, like all athletes, are prone to injury by virtue of their game/profession. Recurring injuries are more the norm than the exception. This is a matter of great concern as injuries lead to poor performance and sportspersons need 100% fitness of mind and ..


    Aruna Prasad - Aug 01, 2017

    Nutritional supplements are gaining utmost importance in today’s fitness and wellness world considering the compromised food quality. So is it essential to peak your performance or maintain the best health with nutritional supplements as a sportsman or just ..

  • Hydration for golfers

    Aruna Prasad - Jul 27, 2017

    Staying well hydrated can help improve your performance and game physically and mentally. A recent research also confirmed that dehydration can make you hit shorter. This emphasises on the fact that your fuel and hydration are as important as technique and fit..