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  • The Cricketer turned Golfer..

    The Indian Cricket team skipper who was leading the team when for the first time India won The world Cup. The cricketer who was witnessed in the white Cricket Jersey often painted with dust and mud now stands out in dressed in a navy blue T-shirt and white ..

  • The whole purpose is move up in the World Rankings,” said ..

    The year 2017 has been very eventful for David Lawrence, who finished the year winning two international golf tournaments. Lawrence now wishes  to have an outstanding 2018 too as far the game is concerned. Post his holiday with family at the Quad- Cities ..

  • Golfing with the President...

    President Donald Trump’s trump card this festive season was majorly associated with trying his hand in Golf. During the vacation in Palm Beach, the golf was frequently visited by the U.S. This Golfing vacation was interrupted on the Christmas tweet of the&nb..

  • Vani Kapoor and her Golf titbits..

    Vani Kapoor and her Golf titbitsIndian golfer Vani Kapoor  tried her hands in the game for the first time at the age of around 6 years. Initially disinterested Vani only went to the course in order to spend some long hours with her father, who was always ..

  • R reliant A affectionate N naturing I Intelligent..

    Rani was and will always be remembered as a good coach, mentor and a dear friend to many of us.She left us showing her fighting spirit on and off the course, she was a tough woman and very interested in the development of women's golf and grass root golfRani h..

  • Diary of a Beginner: Posture Makes Perfect..

    "Golf, like measles, should be caught young", said P.G.Wodehouse.But unfortunately I was vaccinated.Therefore the first time I saw the enormous expanse of green stretching out with a lazy precision that only golf courses can afford, I was awe struck bey..


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  • Lady Golf Challenge 2017- Alpine Golf Club Bangkok..

    Celebrating Thailand’s  Queen Her Majesty Sirikit”s birthday,  A Lady golf challenge has been organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Golf Professionals from many countries will be participating in this event.  Top Pro from India Van..

  • Royal Springs Golf Course- Beauty at its best!..

    The Royal Springs Golf Course is easily one of the most stunning & breathtaking golf courses you would play in India with the Zabarwan hills in the background & the Dal lake around the corner. The course is spread over 300 acres of rolling hills, nativ..

  • Finding Nirvana at Nirwana Golf Club, Bali..

    Whether you are a casual golfer or a seasoned player, the Nirwana Bali Golf Club is truly awe-inspiring with a diverse range of meticulously maintained landscapes that never ceases to surprise.Simply relax and enjoy the views or test your skills like a PGA Pro..

  • Travel Hassle Free..

    A golf vacation  is a must for all  golfers living in this planet. If you’re only comfortable with your gamer set of clubs and rental is out of the question, then here are some things that one should learn while travelling and what it’s like to b..


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  • The Right Dressing Code for the golf couse..

    Golf is a game of grace and precision , and in the similar manner, the same grace and precision is to be maintained , while one is getting dressed up for the game also. So while one is getting ready for the game, one has to keep many things in mind, such a..

  • Golf wear which is functional as well as fashionable..

    In golf,is the only sport, you can always make the bold choice of colors such as flaming orange or electric blue and bring out your wild side. It would not be a very wise choice if you are planning to attend your board meeting, and at the same time , you are p..


    G/FORE has shown once again it can be relied upon to influence others with its 2017 autumn/winter collection.While other school reports from the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando might have read "must do better", G/FORE was in the good books with its Disrup..


    Premium golf brand Dunning has continued its ongoing quest to establish itself as the brand of choice for the aspiring elite golfer.The brand, founded in 2001, is steeped in classic British tailoring and the theme is evident in their latest autumn/winter 2017 ..

  • Spring Summer Style: Puma..

    PUMA Golf, a leader in golf apparel innovation, design and style, introduced its new Spring Summer ’17 Collection showcasing the brand’s lightest, most cutting-edge offerings to date for both men and women. The line boasts re-imagined essentials, next-gen ..

  • Foot of Joy: Men's Golf Shoes..

    When it comes to engineering a stable, comfortable golf swing golf shoes should be at the top of every golfer’s list. To be able to hit a golf ball square, it depends on foot stability, balance and swing path, all of which are affected by what shoes are plan..

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  • Top 5 Women Golfers in the World..

    Women have a proved their potential in every sphere of life. There is a popular saying, “Behind every successful man there is a woman”, to be honest, behind every success story there is a woman. There is not one thing that has remained untouched by us. ..

  • Impact of Cricket on Other Sports..

    If you live in India, or have visited India once in your life, you will know that it is a culturally diverse and religious country. India is recorded as the largest democracy, with almost 1.112 billion people, making it the second-most populous country in the ..


    GOLF – where the grass is greener, sun brighter and dreams a few yards away – is a sport thatteaches patience, control and discipline. Formal apparel, an expensive club set, a crisppersonality and perfect etiquettes – one way to describe how every golfer..

  • Tiger Woods completed his intensive program..

    After being booked for impaired driving on 29th May near his house Tiger Woods was under medication and professional help for some time. The 41-year champion golfer took to Twitter recently to announce that he has successfully completed his intensive course. B..

  • Former football stars John Terry and Petr Cech to face each ..

    Long-time teammates on the football field John Terry and Petr Cech to clash in a head-to-head putting challenge on the golf course. It will be interesting to see who gets the better to whom to top the challenge.Both the footballers are keen golfers too and rec..

  • China's government constricts its grasp on golf, closes down..

    Thirty years after Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong branded golf a sport for the conformist and banned it from his worker's paradise, his political heir gave the sport another try.In 1979, the then president of United States Jimmy Carter greeted the..